Posted by: ewkigo | May 17, 2011


Good afternoon followers,

I have some wonderful wonderful news. I recently graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Woot Woot!! It was a long time coming and I am glad I made it through it all. This past year had a variety of challenges and disappointments but I made it through in one piece and for that I’m grateful to God. With this chapter of my life complete, I have more time on my hands meaning blogging will be more of a priority. I promise to blog at least once every two weeks and hopefully I will make a difference in some way.
Before I sign off I want to briefly talk about working in teams. This year more than any year I had to work with a lot of different people on various group projects. I, personally, do not like group projects and I’m sure I will find many who share my opinion but I recognize the value and the need for them. Despite how you may feel that something is not your fault or that you did not ask for a particular situation, remember to take responsibility for whatever your part was and accept your situation; work on it and do whatever you have to do to make it better, including changing your attitude. This is not something I always do but I try and that’s where we should all start because at the end of the day no good comes from crying over spilt milk.

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