Posted by: ewkigo | September 3, 2011

What If

What if,

Just what if,

We all felt remorse for the wrong we have done?

Every single person in this world

Was apologetic, regretful and contrite

Every every action

Big or small,Or even just one,

That one that meant something to someone at sometime

Could it start a ripple effect?

Could it change the world?

One person at a time?

If we thought of our fellow man,

For a day, for an hour, for a minute,

Would it make a difference at all?

What if,

Just what if
We all thought more earnestly about our actions before we acted?

Considering the intentions behind our actions,

The root and the purpose of our desired to act,

Those who may or may not be affected,

How they may be affected,

The repercussions of our actions,

Would we still act in the same way?

Would we be okay with that action?

If it was done unto us by another?

If we treated each other,

In the same manner we would like to be treated,

For a day, for an hour, for a minute,

Would it make a difference?

What if,

Just what if,

We saw the world through God’s eyes

As it was originally intended?

We took more pleasure in the little things

And remembered to enjoy what we do have.

When we look in the mirror in the morning,

Or when we go to bed at night,

Are we happy and content with who we are,

Who we’ve become?

Do we recognize ourselves?

Or is their room for improvement?

Maybe if we loved a little deeper

And forgave just a little more

For a day, for an hour, for a minute,

Maybe, just maybe, then would we make a difference.

Eva Kigo

Many people have called me naive and idealistic for seeing the good in people and believing that the world can change. But I refuse to settle for less than what I know I deserve. I refuse to settle for what the world has become. I’m not naive. I know the horrors, the pains, the inhumanity and the evils of this world and I do not close my eyes to them or even look away. But I know the beauties of this world and I have seen what strength and passion can do to those who have been wounded and deserted. At best, I’m a hopeful realist who refuses to be pessimistic. Maybe if we were all a little more tolerant of one another and less judgmental, things might be different. Because at the end of the day who are you to judge another? Have you never done anything wrong? Or do you think you’re better than those you judge?

I don’t claim to have any answers, but I do believe it’s important to ask questions because, who knows, we might no longer have a need to fear the dark.


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