Posted by: ewkigo | September 4, 2011


Heyy guys,

I recently had a lot of family visit for a very special occasion. My cousin was getting married and they flew thousands of miles to be here for her and support her as she started her new life. However, since I’m currently unemployed and no longer in school, I was essentially responsible for them by default. I was actually very excited about it because I got to spend the most time with them…and got a few freebies while they shopped as well :). However, I quickly got exhausted of taking care of little kids and driving everyone around everywhere. I was physically getting worn out and emotionally detaching myself from the family, becoming almost numb when dealing with them.

Today I dropped off one of my favorite aunts to the airport to go back home and she took me aside to talk to me. She told me she really appreciated all I have done and she saw how much I have sacrificed for her and her family to enjoy their stay with my family. I didn’t have to do anything but I did anyway and that helped make a huge difference in her experience. She said she would pray for me that I get a job soon and get into Law school and she’ll always remember this trip. I was so touched I almost cried. Whenever I did anything for her she always remembered to say thank you no matter how small the task was and I realized that really made a difference. Whenever someone asked me to do something I was usually reluctant after a while but whenever she asked I never hesitated because I knew she appreciated it and didn’t take me for granted.

I always say if I change one person’s life, or if my actions have some sort of positive impact in someone’s life I’ll be happy with just that. However, I realized that’s not always enough. I’m not saying people should flaunt what they do and announce to the world all the good things they do but being recognized for what you have done feels good. Showing gratitude and appreciation for the things people do for you will keep them doing those wonderful things for you. It will keep their heart warm toward you and your heart warm towards them. Simple, uncomplicated, easy words such as ‘please‘ and ‘thank you smoothes out relationships in unimaginable ways and keeps them that way for years to come.

Love those around you!


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