Posted by: ewkigo | October 27, 2011

Save the Girl Child

I’ve never had to imagine what it would be like to be unwanted by my family just because of my sex. I’ve experienced discrimination, both directly and indirectly based on my skin color and my sex from strangers or people I don’t know very well but never from my own family. Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like to be hated and unwanted because of something beyond your control by those you hope and expect to love and support you the most?  Most people would say no. How can your whole family, immediate and extended, as well as the society you live in, regard you with disdain for being a girl? No other reason other than: you were born a girl!

Note, I’m not talking about you not identifying with yourself for being a female or your family not understanding your need to change your gender or whatever. That is not the issue I’m discussing here.  That is a whole completely different topic. I’m talking about discrimination from your own family from the time you were a fetus.

I recently ran across an article about this very issue that is apparently quite prevalent in India. ‘Selective breeding’ is actually an epidemic in India, according to Save the Girl Child Organization. This ‘selective breeding’ is essentially aborting female fetuses.  The girls who do survive this feticide (killing of the fetus) are born into a society that does not care whether they live or die. As a result the mortality rate of infants is extremely low due to neglect and families actually killing their children. Like this is not bad enough already as it is, they take it a step further and name the surviving girls names like Nakusha, which means unwanted. These men must not know that it’s their stupid sperm that determines the sex of a child. For an innocent child to suffer because they got the wrong gene from the man that makes these rules is appalling.

With the odds up against you as a female in India, from the day you’re conceived, how do you survive? How are you expected to live a full life? There are so many social issues facing various different societies in this world. Humans are not always very human sometimes. Although certain actions are traditional and were ‘OK’ way back when, doesn’t mean they really were ok or even humane. Just because we’ve been doing something for hundreds of years doesn’t mean we should keep doing it for another hundred. With knowledge, education and wisdom comes change and improvements and although I do accept that everyone adapts to change at their own time, I refuse to turn a blind eye to inhumanity and cruelty. My hope is and has always been for a better tomorrow for this to happen more people have to refuse to turn a blind eye as well.traditional Indian culture are the least and lowest of society. They have no power and absolutely no say in what happens to them. All the decisions are made by the main man in their life. The main reason why Indians don’t want to have females in their family is because the family, or rather the men of the family, don’t want the burden of paying dowry and those girls who do survive are considered a curse upon the family. The dowry the man’s family requests are usually large enough to cause the girl’s family to go into debt. If the family is unable to pay up, the in laws treat the new bride so poorly that in most cases, they lose their lives. They had no say on whether or not they would like to get married, let alone to whom. And in the chance all goes well and she’s accepted into her new family, when she gets pregnant she has no say whether she gets to keep the child or not.


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