Posted by: ewkigo | March 5, 2012

Ugandan Women Forced into Prostitution

As cliché as this may sound a woman’s sexuality and her ‘special’ gift are for her to decide whom to share it with and when to do so. It’s appalling, yet not surprising, that sex is such a highly priced commodity. Although is mostly affects the poor, impoverished population of the world, it’s everyone’s problem.

There have been numerous instances of sex trafficking and different ways victims are lured into a life of sex work. The most recent trick or lie that I found was in Uganda. There’s been, unfortunately, an influx of Ugandan sex workers in Asia, specifically Malaysia because of this. According to RedPepper, Ugandan women are lured into this life by flyers, found all over the country, that falsely advertise opportunities such as nannies and secretary positions open abroad. Majority of these women have degrees in a variety of academic areas and are just trying to make ends meet. Due to the lack of job opportunities in their home country they pack up and leave for these positions only to realize their nightmare has only began.

When did we start looking at our fellow men and women and viewing them only as a piece of meat? No more important than the donkey or horse or bull that is treated with such disdain? In some cases unfortunately the animals are treated better than humans. When did that become okay? And if it really isn’t okay then why aren’t there more people speaking out and trying to make a difference? Is it because Uganda has no oil? Yes we are a self-preserving species but does that really mean we’re also self-absorbed and could care less of our neighbors’ problems? This is an increasingly globalized world and unless we all start looking out for each other we won’t survive.


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